Thursday, 13 November 2008

I do not miss... and yet I do.

I do not miss
Waking at night,
Heart afraid
Mind racing
Skin crawling with the sweat of fear.

I do not miss
The tension of a drive
On a simple errand
Looking around
Wondering if I am the next
To be hijacked

I do not miss
Having to deal with
Poverty in my face
At my gate
Looking in my door
When I am helpless to help

I do not miss
Living stretched
In a society of gross inequality
The uncaring fat cats
Treading on the powerless

I do NOT miss these things.

Yet I miss

Laughter in the face of adversity
Smiling faces
Reflecting the joy of simply being alive

Compassion in misfortune
The kindness in the night
Of strangers to the unknown

Generosity from those who have
Scarcely enough for themselves
Not enough to share, too little to give away

An irrepressible optimism
A gentle trust in a God
Who loves us more than we can ever know.

I miss these things.

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