Thursday, 27 November 2008

SOoo Excited!

I'm so excited about tomorrow. Me, 36 eager little boys, and 4 other teachers.
I'm not so sure the teachers are quite as excited as I am, but they're humouring me. We're having a cross-curricular day at school.

The theme is 15th Century Explorers.

We come dressed as sailors from the era of Columbus. We're going to be writing ships' logs and making replica leather bound books -it's amazing what you can do with cardboard, glue, paper towels and brown paint. Plus a little bronze or copper gilding... We'll draw navigational instruments, ships, describe the living conditions onboard ship, keep a record of all those who have died of scurvy.

Our maths will include working out directions for locating treasure on a desert island: angles, bearings, scale...

We'll be collecting rations for the ships' crews, working out a balanced diet by trading for the right amount of foodstuffs. Some of our sailors will receive training in first aid for accidents and other medical emergencies. Others will be taught about the dangers of sunstroke and skin damage.

Best of all - we're all dressing up! Now, where did I put my wooden leg...?

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