Thursday, 15 January 2009

Busy busy

I was thinking it was almost time to start another blog. Because I am SO busy with school that I don't have time to think of anything else. Actually, that's an exaggeration because here I am now - but thought I should probably update with everything that's happening.

The thing is, I must be reverting to a second childhood. (Yes, I know reverting isn't quite the right word but you are listening to someone who is almost brain-dead here.). You know the line in the poem which goes:
A day in childhood seems a year, a year like passing ages?
That's how I feel. Ask me what happened today and, if I manage to remember anything in particular, it will seem to me that the incident happened last week. Why why why?

We are being inspected on March 10th. Cue frantic filling in of every bit of paperwork that we ever do. Crossing i's and dotting t's isn't in it - we're reinventing handwriting. On top of all the usual stuff - trying to teach.

Take marking, for instance. Well, of course I do mark the children's work - and I do try and write encouraging remarks. But what a difference when I know that complete strangers are going to be going through it with a toothcomb, checking up on my assessments and reporting back to the children. They will even ask to see my mark book.

I spent an hour marking a set of books tonight. And another half hour putting up a small display of children's work. Home at 6. Half an hour for lunch. Teachers have it easy.

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