Saturday, 14 February 2009

Gifts of Time

I had an unexpected gift of time this morning. We are off on holiday to Lanzarote - easier said than done. We have no easy drive or train ride to the airport: instead, we have to hop over to Gatwick from Guernsey and then check in for the flight to Arrecife.

If there are no delays we should make it. No fog, no technical problems on the aircraft, no air traffic hold-ups, no closure of the airport because the firefighters have gone off sick - again.

Travelling from our tiny island is, in many ways, as uncertain in travelling in Africa. Except that I do not fear for my life - only that I can never be sure of the time I will leave, or the time I will arrive.

This morning, we decided to try to get on the earlier flight to make sure we WOULD have plenty of time. Up at 5. Showered and breakfasted. Out to the airport. Then back home again - the flight was too full and our booking was in any case for the second flight of the day.

We were home before 7.

So now I have this unexpected gift of time which I would have spent waiting around at Gatwick. It has been wonderful.
I have skyped Catharine - up, today, as early as us.
I have caught up on friends' blogs.
I have checked my writing blog.
I have enjoyed a leisurely cappuchino.
I have thought about this precious commodity - time - and thanked God for these hours and minutes. I long to fill my thoughts with his goodness during all the time he gives me, not just now. Or then.

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