Thursday, 26 February 2009

Back Home

Half term has been - and gone. It was interesting.

It was interesting because we went away on holiday. And what interests me is that it really WAS a holiday. Usually, although I like travelling and love seeing new places, it is a major mental effort to get myself onto a plane. Given the choice, I'd just as happily stay at home. After all, Guernsey is a holiday destination: sun, beaches, cliff walks, quaint corners to explore... and, even if I don't go out, I can always find something creative to do here - even if it is just to write this blog!

This week was different.

Different because I didn't stress about travelling. Leaving home is never certain: planes 'go tech', fog closes the airport down, rough seas mean that fast ferries are cancelled. This time, I had no concerns at all that I might not be able to make my connection. An answered prayer: because "who of you by worrying can add a single hour to her life?", let alone worry about making a flight connection.

Different because, once we arrived at our destination, I was able to wind down straight away. I immediately adapted to a more leisurely pace of life, more exercise than I had done in a while, and managed to lay aside all the pressures of school. I still pondered over different issues, but with a sense of peace and purpose, gaining a sense of calm as I mulled over problems and arrived at sensible solutions.

Different because it was ALL completely relaxing. No worries. Just laid back fun.

Thanks, Lord!

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