Saturday, 28 March 2009

8 point update

I just had to put this on the blog. Hilarious - really brightened my day, for all sorts of reasons.

heyllo parental

Just thought I would update you on everything that is happening in my life.

1. I have 4,500 words to write in 5 days.
2. I want to work with nomads when I'm older.
3. Nicola went bin-raiding yesterday and brought home lots of sandwiches, one of which I will have for lunch.
4. I am dressing up as "Rocky" from the film "Rocky" and playing frisbee this weekend at the Aye-Aye (UEA frisbee team) fun tournament.
5. I accidentally (it really wasn't my fault!) became women's captain for frisbee next year.
6. I need to talk to you about flights etc - not sure whether to come home on saturday 4th or sunday 5th - depending on numbers?
7. Things with South Africa are proceeding, I have taken on board your security comments and am setting up a meeting to talk this through with the course convenor and I will be seeing John Mcdonagh (my dissertation supervisor) next week to talk about my dissertation so I will also run your queries by him. Also, I will be talking to Liesl tomorrow over Skype (hopefully it will work!) to talk some other things through so I will try and get an idea from her about how things stand.
8. Partners Group agreed to take me back for 2 weeks over easter - AND they gave me a pay rise! oh yeah! I will also be working in Hedge funds and Legals - not P&D! Woo hoo! ( I hope this bit of good news means you forget the other bad news about womens captain...?!)

I trust you enjoyed this concise and succinct report.

Yours sincerely,
Catharine Pollard.

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