Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Parable of the Talents - take two.

Our class assembly today. The parable of the talents. It was WONDERFUL.

From a chaotic beginning, the children had put together a superb explanation of all our work in the last couple of weeks.

There was a serious introduction.
Then a re-enactment of the parable, complete with props and costumes.
The detailed explanations and a powerpoint explaining how the boys had been given £1 each, which they then 'multiplied'.

Many had made cakes and other goodies, which they sold in school; at the hockey club; in their parents' offices. One cooked dinner for his family. Another made bookmarks and Easter chicks. Another bought and sold 'Gogos' - tiny plastic collectable figures. Yet another bought sweets, which he used to pay his sister to go round with a collecting tin, dishing out stickers whenever someone contributed. (He was a little embarrassed about this particular venture, when he saw how hard his classmates had worked to bake and produce goods for sale.) Two boys washed cars. Some made and sold jewellery. There seemed to be no end to their ingenuity.

Then they showed what talents they had. Drumming, guitar playing, football, hockey, cartwheels... yet another powerpoint, accompanied by videos. All showcased by two boys who had computers all sussed out.

Finally, a beautiful prayer, heart-wrenching in its sincerity and appropriateness. It even rhymed.

30 boys had raised over £450 for a project which supports AIDS widows and orphans in Tanzania. And had had an absolute ball at the same time.

Brilliant fun.

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