Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Just a little thought...

Just a little post - most of my writing is on Words from God for today, a blog I started for Lent on the back of some daily reflections which friends are allowing me to email to them. (That way, I'm accountable to them: I can't let a day slip by without doing SOMETHING!).

Anyway, this little post is to talk about my tadpoles. Hundreds of them, hopefully. They're all at frogspawn stage at the moment, sitting in a glass tank on my desk at school.


Every morning a small crowd of boys gathers round to examine their progress. We saw one hatch yesterday - a tadpole, I mean, not a boy. It wriggled around until he popped out of his sack of jelly. I guess it was a he?

I can't keep my eyes off the little creatures. I keep peering into the tank, searching out the 'wrigglers'.

The boys think the frogspawn is cute - but not that cute. They also think I'm mad. (Yes, it's true, I've heard the whispers as they watch me gazing at the lumps of wet jelly.)

Never mind.

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