Thursday, 23 May 2013

Frrrrrog Chasing

Pickle loves the summer. Huge opportunities to spend a lot of time outdoors, discovering all kinds of exciting creatures and unusual smells.
A plump rabbit sitting outside the back door in the early morning is just asking to be chased.
A hedgehog, struggling up and down the pond, invites derision and annoyance. The animal in question is not designed for swimming, however elegant its hedgehog-paddle might be.
Beetles crawling through the grass are a source of fascination. So are ants and bumble bees.
As for the large frog, which had the temerity to leap into the pond right under her nose....well, she couldn't let it get away with that:

Investigating the pond during a playdate with Howie...

...needs a deep and thorough search for that elusive amphibian...

...which ends up really tiring. Aaahh....

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