Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Meanwhile in May....

....a month...

Of hard work and a few holidays, including Liberation Day.
Of spring arriving and summer hopeful, but mostly scarves and coats and gloves and boots and winter winter clothes.
Of friends and meetings and kayaking and lovely lovely ladies breakfast.
Of emails and Skype calls.
Of charity walks and cycling to school.
Of hard work.Report writing. Meetings. Discussions. Lessons. Lessons.

And several completely astonishing 'blasts from the past': I bumped into an acquaintance from Kenya while I was on a course in the UK - and someone, too, with a close connection to school here in Guernsey. Then, as Richard was taking the dog for a walk, he was recognized by one of his father's farm employees - having worked on the Pollard farm in Kenya, he had been farming in Devon for many years and was on holiday in Guernsey for a couple of days.  We last met him and his wife at our wedding, nearly 29 years ago!  So astonishing that he recognized Richard - plus beard, plus pepper-and-salt hair (but no weight gain!) - after so many years...

And I listen to the bird song and watch the baby rabbits spring-hare leaping on the lawn. Magpies raid wood pigeon nests and I find the sad eggshell debris. New potatoes appear on the 'hedge veg' and chickens lay too many eggs. And some days the sun is warm and hot on my back and I lie with a book.

May might be here.

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