Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Guernsey connection

A night in a Wellington hotel saw us ready to hit the sights.

However, I'd been nursing a chesty cough so the first thing we did on our explorations was to go to a pharmacy. I'd been looking at vitamins for just a few seconds when a young woman, wearing a puffa jacket, with a bag slung across her body, strode into the store. Without hesitation, she approached me and asked if she could help.

I must have looked as astonished as I felt, because she quickly explained that she did, in fact, work there.

A couple of minutes, several searching questions and a check with the duty pharmacist later, I was given a glass of water and the first dose of decongestant.

As we paid, she asked us where we were from.
'Guernsey? Oh yes I know it well. I did a couple of seasons working on the Condor ferry. And isn't that where that potato peel pie book is set? I just love that book...'

And so our conversation - really too brief, for who could have thought that there could be such common ground - continued...

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