Thursday, 15 August 2013

Surf and sand - and a slow kart Blo-Kart

At Ahipara, our bach is appropriately named 'Surfview'. The combination of the sound of surf and the subtropical climate almost makes us feel we are back at Sand Island Cottages at Tiwi on the Kenyan coast. Fishermen cast into the surf from the edge of the water, beach buggies and 4W drive vehicles - even buses - drive on the beach, but just the vast extent of so many miles of sand means that there is a strong sense of aloneness: it is, indeed, the lonely sea, the sand and the sky.

The pounding waves soothe us to sleep: these ten foot high rollers have defeated Richard in his attempts to surf.

At low tide, we try out sand yachting on little 'Blo-Karts'. The wind is light, but it is still tremendous fun... :-)

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