Thursday, 8 August 2013


Day One of an epic trip to New Zealand

Feeling incredibly privileged. As we prepare to fly off on the first leg of our journey, news comes through of a devastating fire at Nairobi airport. Passengers hugely inconvenienced. Lives in danger. Resources  inadequate.

I can fly from our lovely little airport at minimal cost, with a journey from home of just a few minutes, with only an occasional delay for fog.

Arriving at our Gatwick hotel for an overnight stay,  I was, again, stunned by my privileged life.

A luxurious bed, when many sleep on floors, even outside on the street.
Freely running water - even HOT water - on tap, 24 hours a day.
Clean bedding, towels - an unheard of luxury for many - and clothes. More than I need.
As much food, and more, as I want. (And I do so love hotel breakfasts!)
A relaxing spell in a steam room, the jacuzzi, finishing with a swim let my body stretched and destressed. A welcome change.
And I can afford the air fare to visit my daughter, when so many live apart from families and loved ones.

In all this, I am so conscious of the many who live in varying degrees of poverty - even in more affluent societies.

I am so privileged - and grateful.

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