Thursday, 7 August 2014

A glimpse of the celebrations

And now, after SO much preparation, the day rolled gently off. When the heart is so full of joy, words become superfluous. Words fail me here, as my heart reflects on a day so full of joy that my mind is incapable of comprehending it. This is just a brief glimpse of the happiest, most wonderful wedding ever.

Guests did not need a sign at the church door saying: "Today, two families become one - sit where you like" because strangers, friends and family all mingled naturally, chatting happily.

We sang with worshipping and immensely thankful hearts: no organ for this crowd, but beautiful voices with guitars and drums in harmony. Many many friends contributed to this celebration of Jonny and Adele's wedding: a match made in heaven.

Tom Hartley-Booth leading our worship

The groom wept, just a little, with emotion, as he made his vows.
The bride beamed with gentle joy and danced, just a little, as she left the church with her husband.

Mr and Mrs J H Pollard
Favours of ice cream waited for the guests outside. "What flavour favour?"

Ice cream cart!

Happiness surrounded the pair as they led their guests down the lane from the church, through the extensive grounds of The Old Hall to the reception.


Phil, Adele's father, with our hosts (Adrianne and Hartley Booth) and other dear friends...nearly 140 of us!
The Old Hall
Both best men choked up during their speeches, unable to carry on speaking, as they told us wonderful stories of this fun-loving, caring, compassionate, highly creative and adventurous young man who we love and are so proud of.  Outstanding in every way. Below is audio of Toms speech.

A gentle rain shower bestowed an African blessing as we ate wedding cake. Double rainbows promised much happiness.

Having found a pot of gold in each other...

Planes traced a heart trail in the sky:

 later, in the dark, sparklers did the same. (Thanks for this brilliant photo, Gemma Neill!)

And everywhere there was rejoicing and laughter and a huge sense of peace and rightness.

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