Monday, 4 August 2014

That amazing day...the church..

This day was a kaleidoscope of pictures and words, actions and emotions, smiles and much laughter...

Jonny appeared amazingly calm at Barnham Broom church, which Adele had decorated beautifully with understated, simple elegance.


Judy, Adele's family

He and his two best men wore bow ties, handmade buttonholes, braces, drainpipe narrow chinos, huge smiles, and ... a dagger each. So did the ushers.

Photo: Only at the wedding of Jonny Pollard would all the groomsmen be given an offensive blade

Ostensibly the reason was to be prepared in case Adele's relatives tried to carry her off..

Sound bite from a guest: "I've never been to a wedding where the groom and his men all wore offensive weapons..."

Still, guests were not put off. What a joy to see so many dear friends and family.

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