Friday, 13 February 2015


Having family far away - i.e. NOT IN THE SAME HOUSE - is always a sorrow.

Not mega, just, mostly, a dull dull ache. A missing. A lacking. An emptiness. A feeling mixed with thankfulness and contentment and joy that our son and daughter are making independent ways in life, spreading wings, soaring with God into the world.

A son who is a marvellous, caring, fun-filled and outstanding teacher. A kind, loyal friend with an outrageous sense of mischief.. A strong, respected, dedicated man of God.  He probably wouldn't be too pleased at this description. It is 'showing-off'. Of course it is.

A daughter who works for a charity that helps the poor, who has so much fun and fulfilment in doing so, who constantly looks for other ways of being engaged with God's people. This little chick has flown happily to the other side of the world to do so.

A daughter-in-love whose family have become our family and friends, who is beautiful and gentle and loving and creative. Also a teacher, also adored.

Another 'adopted' daughter, the daughter's bestie, who I love as my own.
Gorgeous girls, the two of them.
 I miss them all. I live a busy, fulfilled life; enjoy a happy marriage; love my friends; but I MISS THEM.

(My finger slipped, very appositely, onto the Caps Lock key.)

And yet, as George Eliot says, "In every parting there is an image of death." Indeed. But death is only a temporary separation in time and place... In the partings, I rejoice in knowing that we are still connected in our Lord; still working together for his kingdom; still thankful for these wonderful, wonderful people.

And looking forward to the next reunion. Mags, I'm longing to hear, first-hand, all about your trip to New Zealand to see Cat.

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