Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Reading 'Getting to Yes With Yourself' by William Ury, I am brought up short.
"There may be no better way to happiness than cultivating our gratitude."

A secular book which echoes Ann Voskamps's 'One Thousand Gifts' - her walk out of depression and unhappiness through gratitude.

Why must we reinvent the Bible? The Bible tells us over and over to be content with what we have, to be thankful, to think of others and put them first...so much wisdom that we in our human arrogance think we need to 'discover'.

I find myself doing a Nanny McPhee humph. Still, I love that modern human psychological research echoes ancient wisdom and welcome all reminders which keep encouraging me to be grateful.

And this last weekend gave me lots to be thankful for: so many blessings.

Richard's birthday. In spite of living with pain and uncertainty, we are blessed with a loving marriage and I am grateful for this brave, funny, fun-loving, caring man. My husband of over 30 years.

Friends. Friends invited us round for 'coffee' - which turned out to be champagne and lunch filled with deep and life-affirming conversation. Martyn and Heather bless us with a beautiful, welcoming home and warm hospitality.

My friend came round for tea, as she does every Saturday. Our dogs play. We talk. And talk. And pray. Energising and encouraging.

Our home group friends - our Christian family - 'dropped in' for supper. 10 of us, a secretly arranged birthday surprise. Such fun. We talked and ate and laughed and laughed all evening.

Our pretty island. A day out of cycling and walking and exploring. A wood filled with wild bluebells. Old fortifications, speaking of war and courage. A sense of community.

Time. A Bank Holiday which gave time to do long-awaited chores: not a chore, just a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment from having a tidy cupboard filled with clean linens.

Much to be grateful for.

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