Saturday, 30 May 2015

After visitors; verbs.

Lost: One long-sleeved, one short-sleeved rash vest. Gone with surfing son?

Misplaced: several sundry items.

Found: One Go-Pro camera. Belongs to surfing son?

Eaten: several cakes

Breakfasted: on cake. And fruit salad, sausages, eggs, bacon, porridge... #eatinglikekingsandqueens

Exhausted: one dishwasher.

Helped: by lovely daughter-in-law. And surfing son.

Caught: one or two crabs.

Chopped: firewood.

Barbequed: in the garden.

Walked the cliffs

Emptied: cupboards and freezer.

Used: several sets of bedding.

Active: one washing machine.

Disappointed: one dog, no one fun to play with.

Left alone: one set of parents.

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