Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Weather. Again.

Weather again!   #myBritishroots

I probably shouldn’t have posted about the superiority of NZ winter weather. 

Not that I’m superstitious, but it WAS too good to be true.

We’ve had the odd day of rain when, in any case, we’ve been travelling. Driving down from Whangarei, wedding planning with Cat, was absolutely no hardship at all. Our rainy grey day from Ray’s Rest (lovely lovely birdy paradise wetland) up to Coromandel (pretty little historic town) was a mild inconvenience. Even yesterday, sitting for much of the day at Ohope spit under a tree, was just a nice chance to wind down, catch up and not be constantly on the move. We even managed a walk through the dunes and along the beach in mild drizzle.

But...this morning, THIS MORNING! We’ve enjoyed the sound of loud surf just a few metres away on many, many occasions and, here, it was joined by the noise of the wind. The effect of wind is not just the musical notes coming through the air vent, but the rocking sensation as the van wobbles on its wheels, buffeted by the constant gusts.

Fun. Warm and cosy inside, a cup of coffee already in hand – this is definitely ‘what I call’ glamping.  (I’d thought a tent with electricity in France was the wrong I was!)

So when Cat says she hopes we are having fun, yes, we are.

But we’re also checking the weather radar to see when we can get out on the bikes again...

And we’re still in Whakatane/Ohope. The forecast:

Today  6 August:
Few showers; 17°C High; 7°C Overnight.  Actual temperature at 6.30 in the morning is 15°C, the wind is gusting to just 30mph (quite normal for Guernsey) and we are advised to wear 3 layers of clothing, including a windproof layer.

Still, THIS IS WINTER IN NEW ZEALAND.  Meanwhile, in Guernsey (IN SUMMER)...this is what happened last night...

A few flashes of lightning observed from the heavy shower that's approaching, keep 'em peeled now (and hurry up and unpeg that washing).

And this is the forecast valid from 6 am Thursday to 6 am Friday (thanks, Jerseymet).
Max18°C  Min12°C
Mainly cloudy with the risk of a shower at first, then some bright or sunny intervals developing by afternoon. Becoming fair overnight.
UV Index: 5  Wind speed 18 - 24 mph.
See what I mean?   #nosuchthingasrealwinterinNewZealand

#nosuchthingasrealsummerinGuernseyeither.  Harsh, but true!  Cooling effect of the sea and sea breezes means that the island rarely feels really hot...

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