Monday, 3 August 2015


I've been wanting to write about 'winter' in New Zealand for some time. Of course, we have spent a lot of time in the 'Winterless North' and are not even travelling to the southernmost tip of North Island, but still...

This is summer in Guernsey:
And winter in New Zealand...

Well, here in North Island, the temperatures we have experienced - at around the equivalent of the end of January in the northern hemisphere - have ranged from an ultra low of 8 degrees (at 4am) to 18 degrees, feeling warmer in the sun: NO WIND CHILL!  Most days it has hovered around 15 - 16 degrees, feeling very pleasant.

There have been a couple of days a fortnight where it has rained, often at night: lovely sound of rain on a tin roof #Africa.  Otherwise, usually dry and sunny.

 So 'winter' here bears no resemblance to winter in Guernsey.  Yes, we've had one or two chilly mornings, where a short blast from the heater has made it more bearable, but I've yet to wear my woolly hat anywhere.  It has been HOT in the sun - T-shirt weather - and at other times, a simple long-sleeved shirt, with occasionally a cardi or sweater on top early or later in the day.  Most of the time has been good spring or 'Indian summer' autumn weather. Beautiful.

Yes, winter in NZ is definitely NOT 'what I call' winter...

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