Friday, 16 October 2009

Death of a Car

It had to happen. Our Mondeo died yesterday. Left living with a rattle, a bang and a huge cloud of smoke. No youngster when it arrived in our family, it had served us faithfully for nearly 10 years.

God is faithful too.

The Mondeo broke down just a mile or so from home, right near a friend's house. As Richard was pushing it across a busy junction, two men - her lodgers - who happened to be standing outside saw and rushed across to help.
When we returned to collect it late at night when the roads were quiet, there happened to be two men standing nearby. When they saw our tow rope snap on first pull (we have had it years, and I suspect it might have come from the Pound Shop!), one fetched a towing strap for us.

God is faithful. He sends His angels to help when we need them.

We towed it home safely. Now we are just waiting for the undertakers to come.

Faithfully carrying the kayak

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