Monday, 5 October 2009

Of busyness, tiredness and refreshment.

Catharine has been overbusy lately.
She’s Vice-President of the university Christian Union this year, captain of the women’s ultimate Frisbee team and leads a small group at church.
She delegates, but has still found herself over-burdened and is now Acting – or activing, as she puts it – President.
There doesn’t seem to be much time available for her dissertation at the moment.
Wonder where she gets this busyness from?
I’m busy too. Some days, I just seem to run from one thing to another.
Some evenings, I’m so tired I start to fall asleep in my chair, especially if I’m in a meeting.
If I don’t fall asleep, I become so restless that I can’t sit still – have a coiled spring inside me, ready to break loose.
A jump up and walk around usually cures that, but that’s not always possible.
So, when I committed to two church evenings at the weekend, with Open Day at school inbetween, I really wondered how I was ever going to wind down enough for some sort of rest.
But it was better than that.
True, the first evening was full of listening, as I heard stories and received training for Healing on the Streets.
The second evening was awesome.
Simple prayers. Simple healing.
My leg – slightly shorter than its mate – lengthened in response to prayer.
I feel stronger, walk more easily.
Yet even more than that, my soul was renewed and my spirit lightened.
Thank you, Jesus.
And thank you for a daughter and son who, in their different ways, love to serve others.

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