Saturday, 24 October 2009

My pupils

Half term - at last. Yet in many ways it has been relatively stress-free and easy. Yes, my class are quite high maintenance - but they are so much fun.

There's Matthew, who brings me fishing photos and stories. Shows me fishing magazines. Advises me on bait and fishing tackle. Alert, focused. He has the most wonderful smile.

Joel, whose gorgeous mum is running the Cycling Proficiency club - superbly. He is tiny, clever, capable, self-contained.

Harry: a bright-eyed bundle of mischief. Always up for a joke.

Alexander:quiet, highly intelligent with a command of language a boy several years older would be proud to have.

Robert, one of the kindest and most sympathetic - in every way - boys I have met for a long time. His unfailing gentleness and concern for others is quite amazing.

Oliver: holds a conversation like an adult.

Rory: bright, very artistic and dedicated. His History work this week - three colourful pages, extra on top of the set assignment - was the talk of the school.

Don: highly responsible, a diligent student,reliable and charming - a winning combination.

Reuben, the Henrys (three of them), Brent - whose mum is the most wonderful and supportive parent I have ever known, Nairn... I love them all!

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