Monday, 11 January 2010

Back to basics

J and C's departure rather took me by surprise, somehow. After a week of icy roads and the closure of Guernsey's airport, bus services and schools - not to mention several roads - I didn't expect them to be leaving on Saturday. They were quite desperate to go as term started on Monday, but it didn't look as if they would be going anywhere.

Anyway, we went out to the airport in hope. They got on the flight. It took off - after a delay while Jersey airport cleared of snow - and flew them over to Stansted. Twins back to uni, no problem.

Parents back to a quiet house again - very quiet apart from the groaning of the washing machine as it chugs through hundreds of towels... wonder where they came from??!!

Parents back to a quiet life, too. Apart from Christmas decorations to pack away, school work to catch up on, meetings which resume... maybe not so quiet after all?

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