Tuesday, 26 January 2010


There have been many little reasons to rejoice recently. One or two bigger things to get a little upset over, but I'm not going to think about them.

I want to think about the little rejoicings:

My knee is getting much better: I can now walk for longer without pain or discomfort. Thank you Mr Physiotherapist!

Jonny got good marks for an essay, keeping his average up very nicely.

And Catharine's uni ultimate frisbee team (sadly not an Olympic sport, as there is no referee), won their tournament for the first time ever and are now regional champions! (There is a downside, though: they have to go all the way to Glasgow for the Nationals. Never mind.)

I still love teaching my class! Now, that is a really BIG rejoicing.

(I'm finishing this post, but am sure this list is not finished. I'm going out to think of some more rejoicings to add to it.)

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