Wednesday, 24 February 2010

New car

Richard has been wondering about buying a 'new' - well, new to us - car for some time. (We don't do real 'new' for anything, with some exceptions. Electronics, socks and underwear spring to mind.)

The Mondeo is still going, but is no longer such a reliable and trustworthy friend. He'll happily trundle down to the beach with surfboards in and on top of him, but we don't dare drive longer distances - i.e. off the island - with him any more. Not without much trepidation, prayer and good breakdown insurance.

So we need a replacement at some point.

I came home yesterday to find a car's registration papers.

For a sports car.

20 years old!!!
2-seater, not 5.
Soft top - so no roofrack possible for the surfboards.
Very limited luggage space compared to the Mondeo.

Where's the logic in that?

Nothing to do with middle-age, I don't suppose?

(I jest. I have longed for a soft top for some time. I'm looking forward to the summer!)

We've named the car The Crisis.

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