Saturday, 27 February 2010

They make me laugh

Teaching 9 - 10 year old boys often seems to incur scatalogical humour of one kind or another, without much help. Yesterday was no exception.

First,we had a special assembly as part of a fundraising exercise to help vaccinate children against India against polio. The visitors had a wonderful powerpoint explaining the effects of the disease and how it is spread by poor sanitation.

They showed appropriate pictures. And explained how open sewers work, with predictable response.

The lesson immediately after was English. The text explained how sewage is treated, starting with the removal of solid waste.

"What's solid waste?" asked one child.

Second child, eager to volunteer an answer, started waving an arm: "It's tins.. and cans.. and so on."

I pointed out that sewage comes from the toilet, and that you don't normally put tins down the toilet.

"Tins down the toilet?" shrieked a boy. A very creative and emotional child, he started laughing hysterically, rocking backwards and forwards in paroxysms of laughter. It was instantly contagious: we all joined in.

I had to beg him to stop. I was laughing so much that tears were rolling down my cheeks and I could hardly breathe.

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