Thursday, 14 April 2011


Now, this is just so exciting that I have posted this over on WordsFromGodforToday as well.  I have just stumbled across a tremendous Bible reference site - thanks, Bonnie!  It has parallel translations, cross-references, the contextchain referencescommentaries and many different translations such as Bible Gateway has. It has all kinds of other study aids too which I can't even begin to understand!  Interesting that there are different web addresses - I've added them all on here. The author of the sites has many other useful references as well.

And here are more sites: Bible study for children, free online Bible study courses, Bible research...And then there is the largest online Bible study, apparently!

I'm always a little bit careful about what I read on the internet - testing the spirits, and all that - but this does seem to be OK. It looks SOOO exciting!

(Do I want to go back to work after Easter?  There just isn't enough time to do everything!)

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