Saturday, 2 April 2011

The joys of waiting; fitting everything in; what I did in event of fog...

So, I arrived at the airport spot on time for check-in, after a worried sprint from the car park.

I fitted everything in first. Left lesson plans for the next day, photocopied worksheets, labelled the resources. Arranged meetings. Reviewed timetables. Checked the school garden. Wrote emails. Took the year group on a History trip.  Arranged for the children to be delivered to their parents. Rushed to the airport.

On time.  The plane wasn't. It wasn't anywhere near, in fact - we were fogged in, so no planes could land or take off.

So I waited. For 3 hours, until it was evident to everyone as the fog thickened and blanketed down for the night, that nothing would be coming or going that day.

What to do? I was going to a conference. Even if everything was running to time the next morning (which it wasn't, as the planes had to arrive first, causing a two hour delay at the start), I would still get to the conference late.  As it was, it wouldn't be possible to get there before midday.

So I cancelled. Went home to a delighted husband. Went to school the next day to a surprised and sympathetic staff.

Hmmph.  What a waste of resources - the conference fee and hotel costs and my time.  Still, I was here for breakfast. And that was wonderful.

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