Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A 'mean' day

After the amazing, marvellous, completely wonderful sunshiney weather it's strange to be back to a 'mean' day, as Catharine used to refer to the grey days of a Nairobi August, when temperatures were as low as 14 degrees and we wore sweaters...

But it has had its advantages. 

I've immersed myself in blogs - and blogging. (Most of my blog entries these days seem to be over on WordsFromGodforToday). It's been a good catch up - or the beginning of one, anyway. I'm not done yet.

I've still been outside - a little. Planted out the tiny lettuce and spinach seedlings into pots in the greenhouse, ready for succulent salads in another couple of weeks. Been for a short bike ride, combined with shopping - friends coming next week, so I'm slowly stocking up on things I think teenage boys might like to eat. How satisfying: exercise and saving energy - and time - all in one go!  I love it.

And I've caught up on some school work, which would have been hard to do on an amazingly marvellous sunshiney day.

Thank you, 'mean' day!

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