Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Reluctant Entertainer’s Ten Commandments of Hospitality

Lovely title for the Reluctant Entertainer's blog. What great reminders these 10 commandments are! Though I have to confess to feelings of smugness: I have adopted these for years. Nevertheless, I break number 7 frequently and must remember not to do that: it's embarrassing for my guests.  Hmmm.

1. Hospitality is not about you. It's about making others feel warm and welcome.
2. Plan ahead, be organized, and know your recipe. Learn to delegate.
3. Set the mood. Keep ambience and the five senses in mind.
4. Avoid perfectionism. Put fear aside - it's a robber of anything good.
5. Share conversation. Foster friendships by keeping things real.
6. Demonstrate thriftiness. Buying things at cost or learning to pinch pennies makes entertaining attainable on a budget.
7. Don't apologize. It's okay to make mistakes. Learn to not bring them to light in front of your guests; it robs your guests of relaxation.
8. Be creative. Use what you have. Keep things simple.
9. Learn from others. Find mentors and learn to find a healthy balance and keep things real.
10.Life impact is everything. Experience intimacy and meaning in sharing a meal and gleaning from others' lives.

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