Monday, 20 October 2008

Colossians 2:13

Don't get caught up,
don't get trapped
with strange ideas
or godly claptrap.

Don't be deceived
by those who say
"I know God means it -
but not today.
Today I'll choose
just what I like
for I can do
what I think is right."

It's not like that
- no, not at all.
It's not up to us
When it's God's call.
So don't get bogged down
by petty stuff
don't worry over
if you've done enough.

It's not about
what you can do
-or what you can't -
or obeying the rules.
God's done it all
He's sent His son
a generous gift -
that's what He's done.

So this is what
we have to do
just accept
he died for you
and me. That's hard
to understand
for decisions are taken
from our hands.

But that's okay
if we let go
and leave our trust
in the God we know.

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