Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Half term holidays

I LOVE my job. It's tremendous fun. High energy, intense, exciting - never a dull moment.
Part of the reason I went into teaching is because one of my teachers said that every day was different. That sounded a lot more fun than an office job so, decades later, here I am.

But I LOVE the holidays. This is half term week, and it's such a pleasure. I have time.

Time to cook different meals, trying new recipes.
Time to meet up with friends for coffee and chat and talk and eat.
Time to go on long bike rides with my husband.
Time to take the dog for an exhilarating scamper on the beach.
Time to search the internet for resources to enhance my teaching.
Time to catch my breath before diving into the hectic run up to Christmas.
Time to catch up on emails.
Time to pray for my loved ones at greater length.
Time to reflect.

I LOVE having more time.

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