Friday, 17 October 2008


Wow - half term - what fun!

What fun it has been this half term in school.
I cannot express the joy God has given me with my class.
A restitution for last year's struggles.
A restoration of my soul and spirit.
I am immensely grateful.

The half term finished with an exciting announcement.
We grew 25 pumpkins in the school garden. The largest must have weighed over 10 kilos - it was very hefty.
It took three small boys to carry it.

So we ran a silent auction in aid of the Tumaini Fund, which supports destitute widows and orphans in a remote corner of Tanzania.
We raised - if everyone coughs up what they have promised - over £275!!!

So satisfying, that as we rejoice in our harvest we can share with those who had nothing to harvest themselves.

Our children were very excited as I announced the winners.

But the biggest surprise of all was when our Deputy Head thanked me for organising it.

The school gave me a huge clap and cheer.

Having been told by a parent in July that all the boys hate and fear me, rejoicing when I am not around, I can't express how much that meant to me.


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