Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas letters

Much as I enjoy receiving newsletters at Christmas, I also enjoy writing our own. It's always a challenge to encapsulate our news to give friends a yearly update of where we are and what we have been doing.

I always try and stick to a (relatively) simple formula.

1. One side of A4.
2. In a font size that is not so tiny that one needs reading glasses, nor so large that it looks childish.
3. Informative, yet not boastful.
4. Does not contain extensive details of holidays or other achievements.
5. Mildly amusing, if possible. I quite like a self-deprecatory style if I can manage it.
6. Sometimes a common theme is quite useful: it has the advantage of concentrating my mind and keeping me from waffling on.

Any of you reading this may not think I have achieved the criteria - oh well, at least I tried!

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