Saturday, 6 December 2008

Just over a week to go

We have just over a week to go before the end of term. There is a great deal to get done, but it's all good fun. Next week we will be making books, placemats, Christmas hats, Christmas cards...

It all takes some managing. The children get very excited.
Very excited = rather silly.
Rather silly = overexcited.
Overexcited = sometimes unable to manage behaviour and emotions.

This happened on Friday break. A dispute on the football pitch.
Remedy: all the boys involved had to meet up at lunchtime and decide on how they were going to play with each other.
Result: a list of all the boys who had attended the meeting with an accompanying list of rules.
Eminently sensible, and all done without a teacher's presence.

I am so proud of them.

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