Sunday, 14 December 2008


Thursday night. 9.30.

I'd just said goodbye to my guest. My special friend, Sarah. We have created an oasis of time together, meeting every week to share our lives, to pray with and for each other, to talk to God about our world and all our concerns for it.

It was cold and frosty. The moon shone as bright as day. The headlights quickly faded as she drove off, leaving me alone in the stillness with the moon.

I collected the dog, and started running. We ran to the beach.

The lanes were lit up as bright as day, my shadow sharp in front of me as I ran for the joy of being alive in God's night. A heron squawked overhead while the ducks in the field chattered, alarmed to hear me passing by when all else was quiet.

There is nothing as magical as being out, alone, with only the moon and a dog for company.

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