Tuesday, 23 December 2008


This post is for David, my college friend. I thought I had kept him up to date with our movements, but evidently I hadn't. So here we are:

2000. Our family leaves Kenya for Britain, amid much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Our son dubbed it the Exodus - except that we didn't feel we were off to a Promised Land. It took over half a dozen years to begin to get over our feelings of bereavement.

2001 - 2003. After much culture shock and eventually adapting to life in England (Rugby, Warwickshire, for those knowledgeable of town and county), Jonny and Cat got good GCSEs, Angie got trained up - via a variety of supply, temporary and part-time teaching positions - in the vagaries of the National Curriculum. And Richard recovered from a nasty illness and got a job in... Guernsey, flying tiny Trislander planes inbetween the Channel Islands, England and France.

2004 - 2008. A levels, gap year jobs in the finance industry in Guernsey and then among the poor in Peru and Mozambique, and then uni for Jonny and Cat; Angie beavers away at the chalkface, enjoying teaching small boys.

So there we are. 9 years in a few paragraphs. We hope to stay here for a while, but who knows? Our life here is dependent on our jobs; in the current economic climate, we are grateful to have jobs we both love and be part of a vibrant island community.

There is no future in regretting what is past
nor in worrying about the future.
The present is there for our enjoyment.

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