Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Even more exciting!

Phew - last week got VERY exciting. Then, yesterday, I opened an email to find that one of the children in my class had won a garden design competition. I was so excited that I called him over to read it... then I read the next sentence, telling me not to say anything to him yet. Whoops. Fortunately, he is a very mature ten year old and can keep a secret with relative ease. Odd, though, that no one else asked why we were grinning inanely in a maths lesson...

The prize is that the garden will actually be made in the school grounds! Floral Guernsey are behind the initiative and will come in and make the dream come true...and the Guernsey Press is coming on Friday to report it.

So that's my excitement for the week - more than enough. Phew!

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