Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Facebook is an odd phenomenon.  I'm sure many others have philosophized about it far more eloquently than I will.  I just need to put some thoughts down.

It's great for getting to know what people who you are not particularly close to or don't care about so much are doing.
It's great for getting to know what people you DO care about are doing.

But sometimes, it's not great.

It's not great when a friend who you think is a friend isn't actually your Facebook friend. 
It's not great when you get to see what that friend is doing through other friends.

So here's the question: is your good friend - your heart-close, sharing-of-the-joys-and-sorrows-of-life-friend - still your friend in the same way if you AREN'T Facebook friends?

Facebook friends may be friends - or acquaintances - or even complete strangers, just 'friends' of 'friends' of 'friends'... And now I'm writing the word friend so often that it is beginning to lose meaning for me.

Is this what is happening with my friend who is not my Facebook friend?  Is our relationship beginning to lose meaning...?

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