Wednesday, 10 March 2010

They must think I'm mad...

I met two former pupils today, shopping. At least, I was shopping. They were hanging out in the cafe.
They only left two years ago, but they've shot up and are now, at 13, almost as tall as I am. I managed not to comment.
Anyway, the twins - Andrew and Peter - rushed over to say hello. And I was really pleased to see them.
Eventually, they managed to ask me how school was.
"Oh, it's good," I said. "I have frogspawn on my desk, so it can't be bad. I'm always hopeful, but I have never yet managed to achieve frogs hopping all over the classroom."
They smiled weakly. I don't think that's quite what they meant.
I made my excuses and said goodbye. Quickly.
Mad? I think I might be...

The frogspawn and tadpoles...

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