Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Laughter at school

I guess this will be my last post from school for a couple of weeks.  I just had to do it, though, before I forget.

We've been playing 'Taboo' a lot recently.  The game where someone has to guess a word which the rest of the team describe, without using certain words. 
The first word was 'Teacher'.
"It's what Mrs Pollard is!"
The guess: "A man!"
Screams of merriment. One child laughed hysterically for five minutes.
So did I.

The second word wasn't much better: 'Dolls'.
They tried really hard with this one, without success.  Then one bright spark said: "We don't like them."
The guess: "Teachers!"

I can't be serious about teaching any more. I really can't.

PS It wasn't quite the last observation.  I asked the children to tidy their desks this two boys have emptied them completely and taken EVERYTHING home.  I wonder what books they intend to write in next term...?

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