Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Here we go again...

Last week of term.  LAST WEEK OF TERM!!!!

No, I'm not that much out of control.  Things are pretty calm in my classroom, actually. Projects have been finished without any hectic nagging, the room is tidy - I'm even redoing a display. Which reminds me... it's staring me in the face, shouting 'take me down, take me down' - I'm only half way through stripping a board of children's work before I put the new stuff up, and somehow I'd forgotten about it.

But that's symptomatic of everything else. I get up in such a rush in the morning that I only have time for the bare essentials - and that doesn't include breakfast (that comes later, when I have a break at school).  And what's bothering me is what the 'bare essentials' are.

Washing. Brushing teeth and hair. Moisturiser. Clothes. Earrings and necklace. Cycling to school - essential exercise.

Where is my time with God?  If I'm lucky, I read a little from the Bible or from a book out of my pile of 'good reading'.  As a church we're studying Rick Warren's 40 Days of Community, so I try to keep up with that as well.  But when do I do that?  'If I'm lucky', between necklace and cycling.

Priorities are wrong. Luck doesn't come into it. I just need to drag myself out of bed just a few moments earlier.  That's all.

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