Sunday, 12 July 2015


A typically easy Kiwi welcome at Auckland airport, but Daughter wasn't there to meet us. (Fair enough: last time she was but I was so busy looking around that I didn't notice her right in front of me.)

She had been waiting, but, not expecting us through so quickly, had gone for coffee. We only waited a minute before she appeared, coffee in hand, which she lost in the first hug to her father who thoughtfully removed it from her grasp and then, even more thoughtfully, drank it for her.

Determinedly staving off jet lag, we stayed awake the whole day, only crashing at 7pm. By that time we were a full day short of sleep which even coffee couldn't hold at bay any longer. But before that we'd met friends and flatmates and Andy, gone to St Helier for a walk near Vale Road
(almost home from home), and enjoyed a typically friendly Kiwi restaurant meal.

New Zealand winter. Clear blue skies. 3 degrees at night, T-shirt warm in the sun at midday, the feel of a European spring in daylight hours.
Saturday saw us just about recovered from the journey. A boat trip to Waiheke Island,
hired bikes and we were off: up hill and down dale, struggling somewhat with dodgy gears. Lunch of olives, cheese and ham at a winery...


Sadlerstar said...

Brilliant! Happy to see that you have arrived safely and greeted with free coffee, sunny skies and smiling happy young people. Have fun.

Karyn Norman said...

Glad that you're having a great time! Enjoyed Richard's enthusiastic downing of Cat's coffee!

Karyn Norman said...

Glad you're having a great time! Enjoyed Richard's enthusiastic downing of Cat's coffee upon arrival!