Wednesday, 8 July 2015

New Zealand New Zealand!

Months of planning - a day of packing - and we are off.

Mixed emotions at leaving home, as always: Guernsey in the summer is just the best. Heading off to Winter in NZ, snow and near-zero temperatures forecast for our arrival.

And it is GoodbyeDog, helloCat.

Halfway across the world - a simple journey, really. A plane ride, a coach ride and another couple of plane rides and we'll be there.

Meanwhile, in Heathrow, I have just seen a family of hobbits. Elderly parents dressed in creams and earthy browns, their daughter an elf dressed in long skirts and leafy greens. Wonderfully charming and a welcome change from the usual traveller wear of jeans and trainers, leggings and high heels, sundresses and T shirts and shorts and flip-flops.

People watching and pausing for God always enlivens the wait.

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Sadlerstar said...

Have a fantastic time! I will watch out for Mama's blog :)