Monday, 13 July 2015

Full days.

Sometimes, a day seems like a very satisfying meal. Climbing up a hill before dawn was so beautiful.

And the birds: the native pigeon, the Kereru, in the Coral tree above our heads, the tree itself, Erythrina Caffra, a close relative of our African 'lucky bean' tree. Then there was the striking purple gallinule, the Pukeko, strutting across the path as we made our way down from our 'sunrise' hill; the silver-eye, flitting among the aloes in Auckland's Botanical Gardens...and the ever present myna, garishly eye-catching.

So many impressions in the last couple of days: the lively worship of Life Church felt like coming home; the sun warmed us the whole afternoon as we watched Cat and her friends in an energetic, fun-filled frisbee game; friends and family so warm and welcoming; gannets, and even a couple of seals, at Muriwhai...

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