Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Well, keen readers of my last post might have noticed that I commented 'just as well' that we didn't go to watch the sunrise at Cape Reinga.  Andy had planned his proposal for the sunrise! Cat, all innocent, had invited us to go with them - now that would  have put a damper on things, to have the in-laws along. Ever resourceful, he would no doubt have found a solution.  An example of his ingenuity was when, realising that as they were both sitting down to watch the sun come up, he would not be able to go down on one knee to her, so he got her on her feet by suggesting they practice their dance moves. It worked. Not sure if they carried on dancing, though...too busy celebrating.

And so Andy's carefully planned (too much romantic detail to go into) morning was successful. We had taken games to play at the bach, but instead we talked wedding.  Such fun.

It has been a huge privilege getting to know this thoughtful, capable and devoted young man who is full of integrity. Right from the start he demonstrated his respect for Cat, making himself accountable to us with a request to be facebook friends and then, after a couple of months, ringing us (from Vanuatu: we were in John Wesley's family home at the time, but that is another story...) to ask our approval of his courtship of our daughter.
Too modest to blow his own trumpet, we are constantly surprised at his accomplishments. And, of course, he has a great sense of humour.

WE didn't send Andy these clips: fortunately, we ALL find these funny:

What a guy. Not only did Andy enjoy these clips from his (prospective) brother-in-law, he even came camping with us when we'd only known him 5 minutes. Actually, he agreed to come camping BEFORE we'd even met him. And survived.

We'd guessed, of course, that this proposal was coming. Thrilled to be in NZ at the same time as he had leave from Vanuatu, so we could finally meet him. Delighted to meet his family and find that we have Africa and wonderful friends in common. And so, so happy that our completely beautiful (inside-AND-out) daughter has met her soul mate.

It has given us more joy than we could ever express to hear our daughter's laugh ring out constantly in his company. Always bubbly and positive, we have never seen her so happy....

We've loved all the facebook comments as Andy has posted photos to the world. This is our favourite - thanks Peter Croker!
"Bravo that girl! Well done indeed! Unless he's a rotter and you're being forced to smile in the photo because he's pinching your arm but I suspect you'd pick a good egg. Great start to a morning."

Yes, a good egg indeed: This is Andy's work, helping victims of Cyclone Pam rebuild their lives in Vanuatu...
"...ten 10,000 litre tanks and six 6,000 litre tanks.The tanks have been donated by UNICEF in collaboration with Red Cross as part of the rehabilitation of the village following the disastrous Cyclone Pam last March 13.

UNICEF representative Andrew Dow and France Red Cross representative Julien Lamberti say they are leaving the tanks in the good hands of the chiefs of the village and water committee, along with the tools they used to set up the tanks, with which to maintain the tanks."

Cat's photos: sunset at Ahipara...sunrise at Cape Reinga ...17th July 2015. An end and a new beginnig....

THE sunrise.
So our trip to NZ now has the added dimension of planning a wedding...smiles all round.

And beginning to plan the mother and father of the bride speech...

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