Saturday, 15 December 2007


We got SO excited this morning. We thought we had a rare yellow wagtail in our garden. He hopped around the pond, wagging his tail energetically up and down with each hop. He gave our place a thorough checking out, not knowing that we were doing the same for him. We rushed to the bird book to get a definite identification.

He wasn't a yellow wagtail at all. He was a GREY wagtail. Yet he was still different from the usual pied wagtails we see - sometimes in huge flocks hanging around, of all places, car parks and large buildings. And we were still thrilled to see him.

We also have a blackbird who is different. Not unusually, this one is slightly pied. Her neck has a pretty white collar around it, like fine lace, and she has other embellishments of white on her wings and body. She is not the usual, run-of-the-mill, textbook bird.

Different, and accepted by the other birds in the garden. A reminder to accept all those who are different from us. Just as Jesus accepted us. And how different we are to him!

I may look different to Jesus on the outside, but I hope I am becoming more like him on the inside. That's what matters.

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