Friday, 28 December 2007

Christmas surprise

Santa had a nasty accident on Christmas Eve. This pond is situated on dangerous bend, and he was obviously driving too fast.

The guy looked in a bad way. The pond is normally a haven for wildlife, all scared away by this unprecedented event.

Although the water is not particularly deep, it conceals a waist-thick layer of mud, as perilous as quicksand.

It would be a dangerous task to attempt a rescue. Who knew what other perils of the deep would await an intrepid rescuer?

Fortunately, Jonny, who holds a top life-saving award, was at hand.

He struggled out to poor Santa, who by this time was no longer breathing. Jonny tried everything - CPR, shaking, and a good British, 'Come on, mate, you'll be all right if you can just get on your feet,' but all was in vain.

Abandoning the attempt, he called the rescue services to come and remove the body.

We note the callousness of the onlookers, all of whom had already received their presents. Santa's plight was treated with laughter and a complete lack of compassion. They were obviously unaware of the implications for next Christmas...

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