Monday, 17 December 2007

Home again

The house is relatively quiet again - but only for a few hours. Jonny and Cat arrived home on Saturday evening, and it is so wonderful to be together again as a family. I feel incredibly privileged to have two such wonderful young. Their maturity amazes me - I'm sure I wasn't like that at their age.

It was wonderful, as well, to see the reunions at church last night: many have now returned from uni for the holiday. The 'young' range in age from 13 to over 30, all mixing equally well together. The buzz was inspiring.

I'm so thankful for these great kids - not just ours, but the whole group of their friends.

Today, our two have gone off to work. They both worked in the finance industry to earn money for their gap year travels and their bosses are delighted to have them back every holiday. More reunions at the office!

I'm so glad they're back this evening. Special times.

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